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The measure of one's valor during one's life.

Valr is a currency that is accumulated during a character's lifespan which can be spent to purchase and upgrade Ancestral Legacies.

Earning Valr[edit | edit source]

Valr is earned in the following ways:

  • By completing Challenges. Most Challenges reward some amount of Valr.png Valr.
  • By leveling a character. Each Level grants +10 Valr.png Valr.
  • By sacrificing the equipment the character has upon death. Each Weapon and Equipment that is not marked for kin is sacrificed and rewards +10Valr.png Valr, +10Valr.png per Tier it has.
  • By descending into The Well and killing as many Wraiths as possible.
  • By consuming an Ancestral Legacy, destroying it and reclaiming approximately 20% of the total Valr.png Valr spent on upgrading it.

Spending Valr[edit | edit source]

When a character dies, their lifetime Valr is totaled and displayed. Any Valr that is not spent to purchase or upgrade Ancestral Legacies before leaving this screen is lost.

  • 250Valr.png Valr can be spent to purchase a Random Ancestral Legacy.png Random Ancestral Legacy.
  • 5,000 Valr.png Valr can be spent to purchase a Premium Ancestral Legacy.png Premium Ancestral Legacy.
  • 14,000 Valr.png Valr can be spent to purchase a Elite Ancestral Legacy.png Elite Ancestral Legacy.
  • Valr.png Valr can also be spent to upgrade an Ancestral Legacy to a higher Level, according to the table below. Ancestral Legacies cannot be upgraded while equipped by another character.
Level This Level Total Cost Level This Level Total Cost
1 - - 26 1740Valr.png 17500Valr.png
2 20Valr.png 20Valr.png 27 1860Valr.png 19360Valr.png
3 60Valr.png 80Valr.png 28 1980Valr.png 21340Valr.png
4 100Valr.png 180Valr.png 29 2100Valr.png 23440Valr.png
5 140Valr.png 320Valr.png 30 2220Valr.png 25660Valr.png
6 180Valr.png 500Valr.png 31 2340Valr.png 28000Valr.png
7 220Valr.png 720Valr.png 32 2480Valr.png 30480Valr.png
8 260Valr.png 980Valr.png 33 2640Valr.png 33120Valr.png
9 300Valr.png 1280Valr.png 34 2800Valr.png 35920Valr.png
10 340Valr.png 1620Valr.png 35 2960Valr.png 38880Valr.png
11 380Valr.png 2000Valr.png 36 3120Valr.png 42000Valr.png
12 440Valr.png 2440Valr.png 37 3280Valr.png 45280Valr.png
13 520Valr.png 2960Valr.png 38 3440Valr.png 48720Valr.png
14 600Valr.png 3560Valr.png 39 3600Valr.png 52320Valr.png
15 680Valr.png 4240Valr.png 40 3760Valr.png 56080Valr.png
16 760Valr.png 5000Valr.png 41 3920Valr.png 60000Valr.png
17 840Valr.png 5840Valr.png 42 4100Valr.png 64100Valr.png
18 920Valr.png 6760Valr.png 43 4300Valr.png 68400Valr.png
19 1000Valr.png 7760Valr.png 44 4500Valr.png 72900Valr.png
20 1080Valr.png 8840Valr.png 45 4700Valr.png 77600Valr.png
21 1160Valr.png 10000Valr.png 46 7400Valr.png 85000Valr.png
22 1260Valr.png 11260Valr.png 47 2600Valr.png 87600Valr.png
23 1380Valr.png 12640Valr.png 48 5300Valr.png 92900Valr.png
24 1500Valr.png 14140Valr.png 49 5500Valr.png 98400Valr.png
25 1620Valr.png 15760Valr.png 50 5800Valr.png 104200Valr.png
Silver.png SilverBloodstone.png BloodstoneElectrum.png ElectrumValr.png Valr