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The Tower
Hardmode dungeons, Conduit of Fire and The Well
Tower Steppes

The Tower is the central starting area and hub for player activity in the Heartland. Players who use the Return to Tower ability are returned here.


The Tower is the oldest structure within the Heartland, and perhaps as old as the World Tree itself. Like the pith of a tree, it extends up and down the trunk of the World Tree, splitting into the branches above and roots below. Yet, despite the potential such a structure presents, few can tolerate being within it for long. Unsettling whispers pull at the sanity of any who venture inside and only the insane seem able to find peace within its halls.

And yet, for some, there is a pull to the Tower. Or, more precisely, to the Well. As one descends into the depths, passages branch away, leading to the roots of the World Tree. But if one stays within the central chamber they will reach the Terrace, the lowest point of the trunk of the World Tree. Here one final hall leads even further down, beyond the tree. Though no one who has ever walked these final steps has returned, all who are tempted know that the Well lies beneath, but none can say why the Well calls them... or why they must answer that call.


This foreboding formation runs through the center of the World Tree, from the tips of the branches to the deepest roots.


The Terrace[]

Located within The Tower is The Terrace, which hangs beneath the world tree, accessible from the stairs at [1038,1005].

The entrances to Conduit of Fire and The Well are located here, as well as the Hardmode dungeons.