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A character's stats determine how they function in the game. They include Health.png Health, Energy.png Energy, and Attributes. Sub-stats, like Damage Bonus.png damage bonus, however, are determined not only by the value of the main stat, like Potency.png potency, but also the level of the character. All characters have a multiplier that effects the value of their sub-stats. As that character levels the value of that multiplier goes up. That being said it is possible for a level 1 character with 500 Potency.png potency to have a much smaller Damage Bonus.png damage bonus than a level 25 character with 300 Potency.png potency.

Health[edit | edit source]

Health.png Health determines how much damage a character can take before dying. It regenerates naturally out of combat, and can be restored immediately with a Health Potion.png Health Potion or by leveling up.

Energy[edit | edit source]

Energy.png Energy is used to activate or maintain a character's class ability. Characters gain energy by attacking enemies or objects, and it naturally decays [rate?] down to zero if it is not used. It can be restored immediately with a Energy Potion.png Energy Potion or by leveling up.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Attributes are a character's core stats that have a strong influence on gameplay mechanics.

Each attribute contains two sub-stats that are derived from it. Some bonuses and penalties may apply directly to these sub-stats instead of the attribute itself.

Potency[edit | edit source]

Potency.png Potency is a measure of the raw power one can bring to bear, enhancing base damage and the amount of Energy which is gained from attacks.

Damage Bonus[edit | edit source]

Damage Bonus.png This is the amount of damage a single, non-critical hit will do to an enemy.

Energy per Attack[edit | edit source]

Energy per Attack.png The value indicates how much energy is gained for a successful hit on an enemy.

Swiftness[edit | edit source]

Swiftness.png Swiftness is a measure of fleetness of foot and hand, increasing movement speed and rate of attack.

Rate of Attack[edit | edit source]

Rate of Attack.png This is the number of attacks that can be performed per second.

Movement Speed[edit | edit source]

Movement Speed.png This is the number of tiles that can be crossed per second.

Endurance[edit | edit source]

Endurance.png Endurance represents a wellness of body, which in turn increases the amount of damage one can shrug off and the ability to dodge attacks.

Avoidance[edit | edit source]

Avoidance.png This value is compared against an enemy's accuracy for a chance to allow a projectile to pass through you without dealing damage.

Damage Reduction[edit | edit source]

Damage Reduction.png This amount is subtracted from the damage an enemy inflicts on a successful hit.

Willpower[edit | edit source]

Willpower.png Willpower represents a strength of conviction, which increases damage done by critical strikes and the rate at which health is regenerated.

Critical Damage[edit | edit source]

Critical Damage.png This is the multiplier applied to damage when scoring a critical hit.

Health Regen[edit | edit source]

Health Regen.png This is the amount of health that is restored every second while outside of combat.

Focus[edit | edit source]

Focus.png Focus represents the ability to stay clear headed in the face of danger, increasing the ability to land a critical hit and increases the duration of positive buffs.

Critical Score[edit | edit source]

Critical Score.png This value is compared against an enemy's critical defense to determine the chance to land a critical hit.

Buff Duration[edit | edit source]

Buff Duration.png This multiplies the original duration of any buff by the amount listed.