The Proto Stone Elemental is the boss of the tier 1 dungeon, Abandoned Storage Cave.

It is located centrally in the dungeon in a wide open area, where it will spawn small turrets around itself and attack from within the area of the turrets.

Boss Info

Preview Name XP HP Drop
Proto Rock Elemental.png
Proto Rock Elemental 300 550 Fragile Stone Totem.png Fragile Stone Totem, Primitive Pick.png Primitive Pick, Unbalanced Bow.png Unbalanced Bow, Weathered Staff.png Weathered Staff, Scarred Sword.png Scarred Sword, Brittle Daggers.png Brittle Daggers, Tower Plate.png Tower Plate, Tower Mantle.png Tower Mantle, Tower Leathers.png Tower Leathers, Tower Sabaton.png Tower Sabaton, Tower Boots.png Tower Boots, Survivor's Burden.png Survivor's Burden, Survivor's Bond.png Survivor's Bond, Abandoned Storage Cave Key.png Abandoned Storage Cave Key
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