Survived By Wiki

Heartland as shown by the Cartographer.

Overworld as shown in the in-game map.

Heartland is the world that Surved By is set in. The regions of Heartland are segmented into eight tiers of difficulty, each with their own Dungeon.

Shrines can be found in each region, which are used for quick travel at the cost of Silver.png Silver.

In addition, traveling on roads confers a +25% increase to Movement Speed.png Movement Speed.

Tier Region Dungeon
0 The Tower Conduit of Fire and The Well
1 Tower Steppes Abandoned Storage Cave
2 Borderlands Spawning Nest
3 Cinder Valley Burning Sands
3 Southern Expanse
4 Talon Mountains
4 Dome of Hollows Frozen Haven
5 Ruins of Harsa Forge of Corruption
5 Ruins of Sagila Forge of Corruption
6 Viridian Highlands
6 Bulwark Fen
6 Escalade Islands Straits of the Deep
7 Demense of the Unseen
7 Ninsa Lake Will-o'-the-Wisp Forest
7 Sea of Crags
8 Weeping Fissures Monastery of the Rift