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Dungeons are randomly-generated instances disseminated across the Heartland. Each part of the world holds one or several dungeons of the corresponding tier.

Entering a dungeon requires and consumes a Key.

Each dungeon is composed of several rooms, filled with enemies and linked by corridors. One and only room in the dungeon holds the Dungeon Boss which, upon death, drops Weapons, Equipment and Catalysts. A portal to exit the dungeon directly is opened in the boss room when the boss is killed.

List of Dungeons[]

Tier Name Region Coordinates Boss
1 Abandoned Storage Cave Tower Steppes [1062,744] Proto Rock Elemental
2 Spawning Nest Borderlands [864,913] Hydra
3 Burning Sands Cinder Valley [606,83] Mirage Hunter
4 Frozen Haven Dome of Hollows [1882,543] Boreal Shaman
5 Forge of Corruption Ruins of Harsa, Ruins of Sagila [1374,1172], [1002,1111] Locus
6 Straits of the Deep Escalade Islands [1630,1857] Deepwater Kraken
7 Will-o'-the-Wisp Forest Ninsa Lake [618,1497] Heart of the Forest
8 Monastery of the Rift Weeping Fissures [386,1033] Gorgon
9 All hard Mode Dungeons The World Tree Multiple

Hard Mode (Tier 9)[]

There is also a hard mode version for dungeons from tier 2 to 8. The entrance for the hard mode dungeons are located inside The World Tree. They also require the corresponding hard mode key to their tier to open.

Tier Name Boss
2 (9) Spawning Nest Greater Hydra
3 (9) Burning Sands Greater Mirage Hunter
4 (9) Frozen Haven Greater Boreal Shaman
5 (9) Forge of Corruption Greater Locus
6 (9) Straits of the Deep Greater Deepwater Kraken
7 (9) Will-o'-the-Wisp Forest Greater Heart of the Forest
8 (9) Monastery of the Rift Greater Gorgon

Raids/Tier 10[]

Located within The World Tree is the Conduit of Fire, an extremely difficult 'raid' dungeon that requires a Conduit of Fire Key to enter. This is currently the only raid released however there have been place holders for other raids, such as one called Paradise Undone and The Space Between, since alpha.

Tier Name Sub-boss(es) Boss
10 Conduit of Fire Lava Hunter, Lava Dryad Goliath
Paradise Undone
The Space Between

The Well[]

Also located in is The Well, the final dungeon where characters can retire to fight Wraiths until they die, earning large amounts of Valr.png Valr for a certain death.

Abandoned Storage CaveSpawning NestBurning SandsFrozen HavenForge of CorruptionStraits of the DeepWill-o'-the-Wisp ForestMonastery of the Rift

Conduit of FireParadise UndoneThe Space BetweenThe Well