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Auction House
Auction House.png
South-West of the Tower, right next to the Enhancement Vendor

The Auction House is a group of NPCs used for player auctions.

At the Auction House you can bid on, buy, or post Weapons, Equipment, Consumables, and Materials for other players to bid on or buy.


There are currently 3 "modes" at each Auction House, which allow you to perform different tasks.

  • All
    Used to view all items currently listed for auction.
  • Mine
    Currently indiscernible from All (however, it is expected to be used to view either all items you have posted, or all items you have bid on).
  • Post
    Used to view your items that can be listed for auction.

Posting Items[]

Upon posting an item, you are presented with the item's details and asked to input a lowest price (the minimum price somebody can bid on the item), the quantity of the item to be posted, and the buyout price (the price for somebody to instantly purchase the item, bypassing any bidding) as well as the posting fee. Each time you post an item, you are charged a posting fee equivalent to the Lowest Price / 5.